The Java Rocking Land 2011 on BlackBerry®

Java Rockin'land BlackBerry App, developed by Indonesia's premium BlackBerry app developer 7Langit, is a highlight amongst the many special features of Indonesia's biggest rock festival. The guide to everything Java Rockin'land, the BlackBerry application provides information on performing artists, performance schedules, ticket prices, general layout of the festival arena. With the Java Rockin'land BlackBerry application in hand, users are well-equipped to explore the terrain of the festival's venue (Carnaval Beach Ancol) and bask in the Java Rockin'land experience. One thing for sure, your BlackBerry will rock more with this application in it!

The features of the Java Rockin'land BlackBerry® Application:
» Festival Info
Comprising of sub-menu 'Organization', 'Festival Location', 'Event', 'Directions', 'Tickets', 'Contact Us', 'Official Website' and 'JRL Mailing List', the application facilitates a speedier access to information regarding Java Festival Production (the promotor of Java Rockin'land), where the festival will take place (and how to get there) and ticket prices. Also included is a button directing users to the festival's official site and mailing list.
» Artist
Since the issue of performing artists is always the main concern for the Java Rockin'land enthusiasts, the Java Rockin'land BlackBerry Application dedicates one menu for 'Artists'. Via the app, users are provided information on performing artists, both international and Indonesian. A short bio and the stages where the artists will be performing also included in the feature.
» Buzz
'Buzz' provides the latest updates, comprises of 'News', '7Langit Info' and Twitter Stream from @JavaRockingland.
» Schedules
To make it easier for Java Rockin'land enthusiasts and visitors to familiarize themselves with the schedule, the app offers schedules to be viewed based on date and based on stage.

Compatible with OS: 5.0.0, 6.0.0
Compatible for devices: 8520, 8900, 9000, 910x, 9300, 95x0, 96x0, 9700, 9800

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BB 8520/8530/9300/9330 OS 5.0.0
BB 9300/9330 OS 6.0.0
BB 9000 OS 5.0.0
BB 8900/8910/9630/9650/9700 OS 5.0.0
BB 9650/9700/9780 OS 6.0.0
BB 9100/9105 OS 5.0.0
BB 9100/9105 OS 6.0.0
BB 9800 OS 6.0.0
BB 9500/9530/9520/9550 OS 5.0.0

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[1] 7Langit provide the program without warranty of any kind.
[2] By installing JavaRockingLand 2011 on BlackBerry® you agree to receive notifications from the application.